1. When can I get information and materials about the benefits of PRINCE2® Agile?

    AXELOS will be producing a PRINCE2® Agile ATO pack detailing the product features and benefits. This is scheduled to be available from the end of April 2015. AXELOS will also supplement the marketing collateral with an ATO focused Sales and Marketing masterclass on PRINCE2® Agile, which will cover off key messaging and product benefits.

    2. Will ‘vanilla’ sales and marketing material and information about why prospective candidates should take PRINCE2® Agile be made available?

    AXELOS will support sales and marketing initiatives from ATOs with materials as we do for other products in our portfolio.

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ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, P3M3®, P3O®, MoP® and MoV® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited. AXELOS, the AXELOS logo and the AXELOS swirl logo are trade marks of AXELOS Limited.

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3. Who is the target audience for PRINCE2® Agile?

PRINCE2® Agile will provide powerful best practice guidance for all Project Managers. Demand for the product has been driven by the community so we consider that PRINCE2® Agile will provide a positive influence attracting new Project Managers, AXELOS will provide existing PRINCE2® practitioners with additional guidance and could also encourage the progression of more candidates from PRINCE2® Foundation to Practitioner Level.


1. Is AXELOS offering a standalone Agile Foundation and Practitioner course?

No. AXELOS’ PRINCE2TM Agile is supported by accredited training and examination services. In order to take the PRINCE2® Agile course, candidates must already hold a current PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification.

2. Is PRINCE2® Agile suitable for Agile Project Managers?

Yes, PRINCE2® Agile will give agile users an understanding of the PRINCE2® governance and how agile concepts fit into the well-established best practice framework of the world’s most widely recognized project management framework.

3. Can candidates take PRINCE2® Agile without completing PRINCE2® Practitioner first?

No. PRINCE2® Agile will offer guidance on how to apply agile concepts to PRINCE2®, so a prior understanding of PRINCE2® is a necessity for undertaking training in PRINCE2® Agile.

4. Why is PRINCE2® Foundation not sufficient qualification for PRINCE2® Agile?

Candidates need good knowledge and application of PRINCE2® before taking the course. PRINCE2® Foundation does not provide the level of depth required to adequately prepare candidates for PRINCE2® Agile.

5. Will PRINCE2® Agile change the PRINCE2® Foundation training or syllabus?

No. PRINCE2® Agile will have no impact on the current PRINCE2® guidance or examinations.

6. Will PRINCE2® Agile be available at Foundation and Practitioner Level?

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No. PRINCE2® Agile will be Practitioner Level only.

ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, P3M3®, P3O®, MoP® and MoV® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited. AXELOS, the AXELOS logo and the AXELOS swirl logo are trade marks of AXELOS Limited.

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7. How does PRINCE2® Agile relate to PRINCE2® Professional?

There is no relationship between PRINCE2® Agile and PRINCE2® Professional and the PRINCE2® Professional qualification will not be affected by the launch of PRINCE2® Agile.

8. Will there be a new book published for PRINCE2® Agile, or will the existing PRINCE2® publication be updated?

There will be a new best practice guide (book) for PRINCE2® Agile . It will be a separate publication to Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®.

9. Will a candidate’s PRINCE2® Agile qualification expire at the same time as their PRINCE2® Practitioner?

Each qualification currently has its own five-year lifecycle. We are looking at options for improving the way candidates stay current and relevant in each certification.

10. If PRINCE2® Agile is 10% PRINCE2® and 90% Agile, why is it necessary to complete both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training first?

Due to the lower proportion of PRINCE2® in the PRINCE2® Agile guidance, it is important that candidates have a deep understanding of PRINCE2®. This prior experience allows us to offer a best practice certification that focuses on applying both PRINCE2® and Agile.

11. Why should candidates take PRINCE2® Agile instead of certifications from other certifying bodies?

AXELOS’ guidance links the best practice governance of PRINCE2® with the agile project delivery method and examines the interactions between the two approaches and how they can be adapted to accommodate each other.

12. How does PRINCE2® Agile compare with DSDM Atern?

AXELOS’ PRINCE2® Agile is broader and not restricted to a single agile approach. It covers a wide range of agile methods, including both the most widely-used and other less popular approaches.

13. What incentive is there for those with PMP certification to take PRINCE2® Agile?

AXELOS recognizes other Project Management qualifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP), and PMPs can progress straight to PRINCE2® Practitioner Level without having to first take the Foundation examination. This will enable them to more easily achieve the PRINCE2® Agile certification, as well as building on their project management experience while also acquiring PDU points to maintain their PMP status.