MoP® PocketBook An executive guide to Portfolio Management

This guidance has been written specifically to help better understand how portfolio management can assist in addressing the challenges posed by tighter fiscal conditions and the need to respond to demands for more customer-focused and effective services. It is non-sector specific but a particular focus is given to the role portfolio management plays in helping the public sector adapt to these challenges. It is aimed at senior executives and presents the topic from a strategic perspective

Updated in line with the 2011 Edition, "An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management" is about Portfolio Management and is specifically aimed at senior executives - the subject is discussed from a strategic perspective. This guide will help you understand how Portfolio Management can assist in addressing the challenges you and an organization face and how to respond to the demands for more customer focused service.

Key features :

• A pocket sized guide to key facts about portfolio management,
• An overview of what it is, its benefits and how it works,
• Explains role of portfolio management prioritizing investment decisions ,
• "Real life" examples of portfolio management in practice,
• Health check with questions to ask about current capabilities and needs.

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