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Margo Gicheva I would not recommend this company for any trainings or certifications. Short description of my experience = expensive disappointment. I was on Scrum Master I certification in December 2022. Course materials were okay, but lector was not discussing almost anything from them. He had some weird examples of imaginary situations and when you asked him real questions, he was promoting other courses and himself. He explicitly told - if you want answers for real projects, you need to pay for it and invite him to your company. Some exam questions were not discussed neither on a course, nor mentioned in materials. In general I gained 0 new knowledge, as I worked with Scrum projects already. Room's equipment is also really poor. We were sitting 8h a day on cheap plastic chairs, with no tables and constantly open windows, when it was cold outside. After asking a lector to improve it, I received old office chair for second day, but windows remained open, sometimes we were sitting in jackets. Certificate from Tayllorcox is simple .pdf file sent by email with QR code which leads to their promo website. It has some id, but no way to check its validity for HRs and other people interested. It is also not possible to add it to LinkedIn as any other normal certificate (e.g. via link) P.S. lunches were really good in a restaurant nearby, but better think twice, if it's worth 18500czk....


Martina Havelková Unfortunately for me, the course taken here was a big disappointment. I have already completed several different courses and trainings, the price of which was a third and the services at a completely different level. I would have expected a lot more invention, effort and some service for the "cyber security manager" course, which lasted barely six hours of pure time for almost fourteen thousand crowns. What disappointed me the most was when I took the exam for the course online, and most of the answers to the questions in the course were not even heard, I couldn't even find many of them in the materials provided. At the very least, the course should prepare participants for the exam, if nothing else. It would be the same for me if I opened the standards and regulations at home and studied them myself. Only with the difference that I wouldn't pay the same amount as a monthly rent. Edit response: I think that personal insults and innuendos are below your level. What I deal with during the breaks with other participants - and as I find out, it is very carefully eavesdropped - is purely my business and has nothing to do with the course itself and its quality. Side note - the instructor himself was very lively during the lunch discussion about the sweater. I find the passive-aggressive allusions in your comment on fashion etc. quite funny. If I remember correctly, I filled in my criticisms in the questionnaire, and in the fields of how I evaluate the overall course and its contribution, the evaluation was definitely not friendly. As I have an MBA degree in this exact field - cyber security and management, I can very well assess the benefit of this course. This study was and is being led by great figures in the field of cyber security, so I am puzzled by your comments in this regard. And mentioning the young age? I probably won't even comment on that, just that it's a completely unprofessional approach on your part. I am very interested that you mention the courses I took (which you know nothing about) that they were "talkative". On the contrary, these courses were very practically oriented led by the best in their field. Insulting participants and throwing dirt on others only shows your true attitude towards the customer, zero self-reflection and humility corresponds to your overall attitude. And if you have the impression that everyone is so excited about you, after talking to one of the participants, I can assure you that you are very wrong.


Martin Cap I had high expectations from TAYLLORCOX and they were 100% fulfilled. The quality of the courses is truly at an international level. The training materials and the overall approach are top notch and taking the course has greatly advanced me in my work. I have to highlight the work of the lecturers who, in addition to theory, are able to pass on relevant practical experience that I could immediately put into practice. Thanks!


Danka Hrdlickova Perfect training center!!! The instructor is excellent and you are well taken care of there!


Petra Pilná I successfully completed the PRINCE2 certification course. I give 100% for the quality, spaces and attitude of the trainer.

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