ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Package

Kompletní sada všech čtyř ITIL Managing oblastí

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Pack

Kompletní sada knih navazující na "ITIL 4 Foundation manual" obsahuje všechny 4 Managing Professional moduly. Jde o tyto publikace:

  • High-velocity IT

  • Drive Stakeholder Value

  • Direct, Plan and Improve

  • Create, Deliver and Support

S tímto balíčkem výrazně ušetříte. Knihy máme skladem a jsou zároveň součástí kurzů viz ilustrační obrázek dole (ITIL 4 Managing Professional Module)


The ITIL 4 Managing Professional books follow on from the ITIL 4 Foundation manual and are the Higher-Level guidance.

Evolving from the previous ITIL v3 version, ITIL® 4 is the latest in IT certification and best practice frameworks offered by AXELOS and focus how to:

  • Transforms your business

  • Incorporates all the best things from ITIL

  • Helps to successfully navigate the modern digital world

  • Reflects and integrates other established ways of working

  • Increases your industry knowledge, skills and salary potential

Helps you pass the ITIL 4 Managing Professional exams or Transition Module. Reference guidance for day-to-day problems for IT Professionals. Four books fully aligned with the Managing Professional modules of:

High-velocity IT

Guidance for IT professionals who are working in digital transformation projects and towards high velocity environments.

Drive Stakeholder Value

Guidance for IT professionals who are focussed on the customer journey and experience, or responsible for external relationships

Direct, Plan and Improve

Guidance for IT professionals who are responsible for managing the direction and strategy of their IT team or organisation

ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support

Guidance for professionals who manage the operation of IT-enabled digital products and services or end to end delivery

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